Trained Luthier  for Violin-Viola-Cello-Bass  

Free estimates for work are available anytime. Repairs are scheduled according to the needs of the customer and work load.  Loaner instrument/bow may be provided if necessary. My shop is centrally located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I also take repairs and rehairs through the mail.

Very often expensive repairs start out small and a trained repairman can see the early signs of problems and prevent serious damage.
Regular maintenance and check-ups lead to a healthy instrument and a confident player.   Instrument check-ups and minor soundpost adjustments are done as a free  service for all my customers.

Besides violin repair I offer bow work, including;

  • rehairs
  • lappings (gold, silver, nickel, leather, whale bone) and grips (leather,reptile)
  • tip plates, recambering,  restorations, and most other repairs
  • Rehairs are done by traditional methods & pure quality  horsehair

Call for a check-up today.   918-794-8440